Program Agenda

Day One

8:00 amRegistration, Continental Breakfast Available
8:30 amIntroduction / Welcome, Logistics
9:15 amSession 1: Group Exercise, Tension in the Physician’s World.Group discussion about confidentiality,
and group process. Participants will discuss why they were referred and establish goals for the course.
10:45 amBreak
11:00 amBecoming a Physician A lecture and discussion about the process involved in physician training
as well as some common personality traits.
12:00 pmLunch – provided on site
1:00 pmSession 3: DVD – Permission to be Human
2:00 pmSession 4A: The Power of Shame – A lecture that will focus on the powerful affect of shame and
how it influences behaviors.
2:45 pmBreak
3:00 pmSession 4B: Family of Origin – Connections Between Past and Present
4:30 pmSession 4C: Homework: Genogram Exercise, ALTER – Cost of Anger
(Chapter 2 – The Anger Control Workbook), and Baugh Relationship Index (BRI)
5:00 pmComplete evaluation, Adjourn
2 hours of evening homework required.
Family Questionnaire/Baugh Relationship Index (BRI)/ FACESII/ACE 

Day Two

8:00 amContinental Breakfast Available
8:30 amSession 5: Group Exercise – Emotional Check-Up Go Around – ALTER/CALM/Costs of Anger Discussion
9:00 amSession 6: Group Exercise – Genogram (includes 15 minute break)
12:00 pmLunch – Provided on site
1:00 pmSession 7: Identifying Specific Triggers & Maintaining Behavior Change
 Session 7A: Grounding Skills
 Session 7B: Communication Techniques
 Session 7C: Role Play
 (Includes 15 minute break)
4:30 pmSession 8: Intend to Change Exercise
Intend to Change and Flooding Exercises (Homework assignment)
Return Self-Assessment Instruments (FACES II, ACE)
Explanations – consent form; CME credits; VUMC Notice of Privacy Practices.
5:00 pmEmotional Check-Up/ Begin Role-Play Exercise
5:30 pmAdjourn
2 hours evening homework required.
Complete Intend to Change and Flooding Exercises/Review Self-Assessment Instruments

Day Three

8:00 amContinental Breakfast Available
8:30 amSession 9: Group Discussion – Emotional Check-Up Go Around-ALTER/CALM
9:00 amSession 10: Role Play Exercise – Role-Play Exercise (continued from Day Two)
11:00 amSession 11A: Assertiveness II
 Session 11B: Relapse Prevention
12:00 pmWorking Lunch – Provided on Site
 Session 12: Thriving Despite it All: Physician Stress Management
1:00 pmSession 13: Intend to Change Written Exercise – Experiential exercise in which the participants review
three behaviors they wish to change as a result of the course.
3:30 pmCourse Evaluation and Adjourn
Homework required for follow-up group session
*Required 3 Follow-up Group Session TBS
Follow-up Group Session Schedules

* Agenda is subject to change

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