According to Chief of Addiction Medicine, Dr. Scott Teitelbaum, “Martha is one of the nation’s leaders in addiction psychiatry, she is an incredible asset and excellent addition to our Department and Division of Addiction Medicine. Dr. Brown, a double boarded psychiatrist, will complement UF’s Department of Psychiatry, Division of Addiction Psychiatry & Addiction Medicine faculty experts.” Dr. Brown joins Dr. Teitelbaum and other Addiction Psychiatrists, Lou Solomon M.D. and William Greene’s M.D., working full-time at UF and FRC evaluating and treating patients. Together, these experts evaluate and treat dual psychiatric and addictive disorders, both on the inpatient and outpatient basis (Dr. Brown’s emphasis is on outpatients).

Dr. Brown is a national expert on controlled substance “misprescribing” and areas of professionalism. She is working with UF medical students and fellows on professionalism and prescribing as well as in other important prevention and early intervention services. Dr. Martha Brown is the Psychiatry Clerkship Director supervising and teaching medical students during their mandatory six week psychiatry rotation.

Dr. Brown also has a long history of being asked to be an expert by State and Federal governmental agencies. She has added her considerable Forensic expertise to our tobacco, alcohol and drug forensic program and the UF Forensic Institute. She has a number of scholarly and research interests in addiction psychiatry. Dr. Brown adds considerable Addiction Psychiatry training and experience as well as the ability to develop early intervention-recovery programs which will only make UF’s medical students and residents better. She also adds to FRC’s nationally renowned treatment programs. Our clinical programs for impaired professionals covers the entire range of impaired professional evaluation services as well as all areas of treatment with faculty trained experts in both addiction medicine and addiction psychiatry.